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tv   News  ABC  July 9, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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75 degrees. we've got a cold front to the west and ganging up here in maryland. just follow the wake-up window at the bottom of the screen. we'll have a quick peek at the forecast in a moment. right now, here's kim brown. >> hopefully this morning as you make your way through park heights, cold spring lane will look better. as the rush hour move as long, can you expect delays in that area. traffic is okay around the big roadways. this is 695 at hear road. outer loop and inner loop traffic is picking up. no issues in between the beltways, no problems as you head towards the tunnels, either. as we look at the maps and drive times, we're going to find only one crash working in the area right now as you make your way southbound on 95, three minutes down towards the 895 split. across the key bridge on the outer loop, it will take you nine minutes to make it to 97.
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one accident that will be westbound span of the bay bridge. coming across the eastern shore, this could affect you. traffic gets by without any major problems to the right. megan and jamie, back to you. many of the extreme makeover homes, crews have to start from scratch on day one. >> this time, the builders have a leg up thanks to a modular home company that put together large sections of the home in advance. >> reporter: joce sterman was sent to the factory to find out why this is a fresh start for more than just the people who will get this home. >> reporter: on a quiet street in central pennsylvania, workers are putting together a very noisy puzzle. but this is no ordinary box of pieces. instead, these boxes are the building blocks for a brand new home. >> it's like an assembly line. the housekeeps going down through. >> reporter: these workers with excel homes are creating the main attraction for the latest installment of extreme makeover
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home edition, and it's all modular. >> if we can do the big pieces of the pacttry, they can do the customization on site to make something. >> reporter: making something from nothing is a lot of work. these guys start from scratch. they build up walls and put them in place. then move the project along the tracks to the next stop. >> the house goes to the workers instead of the workers coming to the work. it makes it a lot easier. >> reporter: easier for ty and his tv team because no detail is spared along the way. inside the factory, the homes get everything. they are stuffed with insulation, plumed, wired and even -- plumbed, wired and everything. >> they were willing to do whatever needed to be done to make sure it happened. i was working 'em ten hours a day and saturdays. >> reporter: and they've gotten it done, but it's all under wraps. we can't show you the home or its pieces. we've been sworn to secrecy because the surprise is part of
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someone's journey to start over. this house isn't just a fresh start for the people who will eventually use it, it's also a fresh start for the people who helped to build it. this factory was closed for about a year, and this is the first project off the line since they reopened about two months ago. >> very thankful it's back up and running. not having health insurance and dental and steady paycheck was very tough. >> reporter: he worked hear for 20 years when it closed last year under the weight of the housing crisis. he and 50 other workers have been given a second chance to rebuild not just the factory but their lives. >> the time off gave people time to thank their real life how lucky they had it and thankful for what they are doing. >> reporter: what they are doing now is paying it forward, not worrying about a word of thanks. >> i won't have to brag when i
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see it on tv. >> reporter: they'll know. >> everybody here will know. >> reporter: knowing that putting together a home piece by piece can help one family find peace of mind. in arvis, avis, pennsylvania, joce sterman. >> we're excited jillian harris is here. how are you? >> i'm fantastic, how are you? >> thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> why are you here? >> i don't think a lot of people know, i am one of the designers now on the show. this is the first show of the season, and i'm pumped not only because it's my first show and we are doing something that i've never ever done before. >> tell us what that is. >> we are going to announce who the special family is that's going to receive the amazing home at the inner harbor while the family is there. so drop your cup of coffee,
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shut off the computer, come down to the harbor and check it out. it's just bananas. >> i know you guys keep your mouth shut. it's going to be exciting. >> we've always knocked on the family's door and surprised them and the public has found out afterwards. this time is the first time ever we'll announce it in public. >> and you can show the whole adventure? >> i did restaurant design for seven years prior to the stuff i did on tv. so, you know, i did an episode last season. it sounds cliche and changed my life. everybody will see when they come down today to the inner harbor, it invigorates you for the rest of the week. it touches you and inspires you. you know, it makes you want to go out there and do something good for everybody. >> i think that's why we're so excited about it. the news industry this is a
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common complaint we always here it's very negative. here is an opportunity to do and show something positive and change a family's life. so how exciting for you? it's exciting for us. >> oh, my gosh, dream job. >> give everybody the details. jillian said drop down to the inner harbor. any idea when this will happen? >> what time? this morning. 9:45. 9:45, come down to the inner harbor. i'm telling you, if you have weeding to do, gardening, all that stuff, bring your coffee, bring your kids and everybody down because it will be really exciting. >> all right. welcome to baltimore. we're happy to have you here. jamie this is going to be exciting. >> it's gonna be good. thank you. you always tray to follow the rules of the road but now you might want to even be more cautious. a major crackdown on unsafe driving. we'll tell you which group is most in danger right here in our state. new details in the death of uva lacrosse player yeardley love coming up.
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hi, good morning, at 6:39. a break in the heat. we've all been begging for it. we have high humidity. the thing is, we'll break in with hefty rain and will come in time for the start of the weekend. more on that outlook coming up in just a bit. let's go to the roads with kim. >> justin, if you are coming across the bay bridge this morning, the earlier accident just about cleared from the left lane. we are looking good along the major lanes. megan and jamie, back to you. if you commute to work on the m.a.r.c. train, you will notice changes coming. >> and they should make your trip a little easier to work. >> reporter: all in response to recent problems with the commuter trains. how the mta is hoping to ease
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some of your frustrations. plus, a lack at the riots erupting over a verdict in a police shooting. dozens behind bars this morning. and a really unpleasant discovery on ocean city. a 25 foot whale is found on shore. what they plan to do with such a big body. today is the day you can get your lunch for chick-fil-a for free. what you have to do to get your food at no cost. how many ways can you be comfortable? an energy efficient infinity air conditioner by carrier can save you up to 56% on your cooling costs, while also reducing your impact on the environment.
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good morning, i'm megan pringle for your abc 2 news to go. >> this is a blimp in louisiana, but we own it here in maryland. >> this is an interesting story. it could help aid the cleanup of the massive oil spill in the gulf, but first, let's head over to justin because everybody on friday wants to know about the weather. >> reporter: maryland's most powerful doppler radar is on the job and ready to go. we are going to need this as we had rain trying to push its way through westminster in littletown, pa and near
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aberdeen. overall, though, we'll have ourselves a shot of showers over the next couple of days. 74 in reisterstown waking up to temperatures going to 72 this afternoon. stay tuned. here's traffic. >> reporter: no accidents at this time to let you know about. that earlier crash on the westbound span of the bay bridge that was blocking the left lane just got cleared so traffic is able to flow freely. we'll check that beltway in just a few minutes. megan and jamie, back to you. 15 minute as way from 7:00 right now, you take the mark train from the commute it hasn't been easy. the hot weather has made a tough couple of weeks to commute between baltimore and washington, d.c. now the mta is making changes and say this will help. linda so is here with the details. linda. >> officials hope better communication might be part of the solution so they are extending their hours at the call center so you will -- and will have buses on stand by when it gets hot out.
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the mta has recently had problems, the worst when several hundred people were trapped onside of a stuck train with no a. c. buses will be on stand by when temperatures are expected to hit 90 degrees. since the incident involving the so-called hell train, there's been delays nearly every day. trains have had to run slow are because of the heat and there have been electrical and storm- related problems as well. >> on the way in, we stopped just short of the train station for what maybe 15 minutes? other than that, everything ran fine. >> reporter: here's the number for the information about m.a.r.c. trains and delays. it's 1-800-325-rail open monday through friday from 6:00 in the morning until 11:00 at night. linda so, abc 2 news. new details have been unsealed in the murder of the university of virginia lacrosse
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star yeardley love. george hughly fatally beat his girlfriend. both are from merrill and both played lacrosse in virginia. now the search warrants and evidence gathered by police have been made public. detectives searched hughly's chevy tahoe and confiscated handwritten notes, digital camera and cell phone. inseed love's apartment, authorities found red-stained towels, sheets and a comforter. inside hughly's apartment, they found a red stained lacrosse shirt, a letter addressed to yeardley love, two computers and a pair of shorts he was wearing. in the pockets, his keys to his truck and passport. details of what was said in the letters is on computers and will come out in court. hughly remains in a virginia jail cell held without bond. a statewide crackdown on aggressive driving is being out in force called the smooth operator involving a number of
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police agencies. an event in front of the oriole park including a demonstration of the dangers of pedestrians in particular. organizers say baltimore is the deadliest city in the state. >> it's important, drivers, pedestrians and cyclists all know the laws that apply to them and to each other and that they also respect each other and those laws and by all means exercise common sense as we together share the roads. >> we're currently in the second of four waves of enforcement for smooth operator. this program wraps up in september. during the first wave, police issued more than 1100 citations and hearthed 15 drivers with dui. my son was murdered, and the law has not held the officer accountable the way that he should have been held accountable. >> it is a verdict that has caused riots in oakland resulting in more than 50
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arrests. johan's messiere was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. he grew angry at grant who was resisting arrest and claims he drew his gun instead of his taser accidentally. he could face two to four years in jail when he is sentenced. the coast guard says they have recovered a body from the delaware river near the site of the collision between the amphibious tour boat and the barge. they are not saying whether it's one of two hungarians missing. the boat had 37 people on board when it crashed with the barge. the duck boat really had no chance, did it? you can see for yourself.
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the biggest spy swap. ten russian agents who infiltrated suburban america have been deported in exchange for four people depicted of portraying moscow. they left four hours after being sentenced to time served and ordered out of the country. a blimp that will fly over the gulf of mexico so overs can spot oil slicks has arrived. it's owned by the navy but operated by a private company that's maryland based. integrated systems solutions inc. it is a 78 foot blimp that is better suited for observation than a helicopter or plane because it can move slowly over the sea and at low elevations for up to 12 hours at a stretch. a company spokesperson says it can operate at night using thermal imaging. it's unclear if it will be used
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that way with the gulf spill. ocean city right now is dealing with a stench in the air coming from a whale carcass. the nearly 35 foot long dead humpback whale washed ashore wednesday night as they wore working with a film crew and captured this video of the animal before it landed. the tide carried the carcass to shore. locals plan to carry the animal out to sea. and i'll take my talents to south beach and join the miami heat. >> he's one of our own. that's what makes it so painful. >> you have been reading all morning long about it. >> i know. i used to live in ohio and they are mad. >> number 23 jerseys are being burned in cleveland in an unprecedented event we have never seen. an hour long espn special to announce where lebron james will work next year. so he will join dwayne wade and
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chris bosh in miami heat. then are already calling them the three my egos. the owner of the cavaliers has written a scathing attack. you'll find it all over the internet. one i personally guarantee that the cleveland cavaliers will win an nba championship before the self-titled former king wins one. you can take that to the bank. the newest member of the miami heat will sit down today with "good morning america's" robin roberts later here in just a couple minutes, by the way, coming up at 7:00. the orioles won 6-4. they beat texas last it night. the orioles were down 4-1 in the seventh. feelism knocks it in. then texas imitated the orioles, walking batters, throwing wild pitches, and making errors. orioles win 6-4. aaron maven from the buffalo bills will be taking a
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bunch of his buddies to the samuelsson children's center today at sinai where aaron was born. they will visit the kids over there. prescott burgess is coming from the ravens, ed hart well will be there, d'angelo hall will be there, algae crumper and michael vick will all be there visiting the kids at sinai. that's great. all right. if you want lunch today, you can get one for free with chick- fil-a. listen to this, you get the free meal. you have to come to the restaurant fully dressed as a cow. i mean, come on, who's got a cow outfit if the closet. customers dressed in cow attire will be rewarded with a free chick-fil-a meal which includes an entree of choice, side item and drink. for those too chicken to wear the cow costumes, chick-fil-a will give out a freon tray to customers partially dressed so we're talking about the
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accessories, the purse, a pair of shoes, the hat, a belt. so take your cow duds if you have them to chick-fil-a today. >> break it out, justin. can you walk up and just say moo? that would be too easy, wouldn't it? two systems ganging up on maryland. we've got a cold front to the west and this system off the coast working inland. watch this thing. nice little circulation and this nontropical system and peel has dumped in heavy rain across the carolinas overnight. watch this thing wrap up moisture onshore. we have the remnants of the tropical depression and the rio grande. all will gang up across the mid-atlantic. some scattered showers and thunderstorms pop up with the humidity this afternoon. the cold front gets active overnight. watch it tomorrow morning in the mountains to our west.
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watch the time line 11:00 to midday dumping a bull's-eye right on top of central maryland. we could have 1 to 3 inches and should have a nice end to the weekend. the start will not be good outside. it will be something good that we all need at least for the lawns, the gardens and farmers. 92 degrees is our two degree guarantee. we'll go 74. as we head through tomorrow, we'll look at the temperature, cooler at 84 degrees with showers and storms that could dump some flooding. then break and we're back in the 90s on sunday to next week. kim? it's been a morning full of minor incidents. i think a lot of people are staying home or are already on vacation. as we talk a peek at our cameras, traffic is doing well on the 95 corridor. you are not going to find any problems on the southbound side. northbound lanes, a little bit of volume as you head out there. minor delays on the beltway
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here on the outer loop at frederick road. expect to add to a couple extra. as we take a peek right now at our maps woo he have debris on the outer loop of hear road causing a little bit of a problem. also northbound in the for the mchenry tunnel, a disanalled vehicle is blocking the right lane. we have reports of a car fire at veterans highway. drive time will be all in the green on the outer loop of 795. no problems from white march beltway to 95 southbound. back to you. we're waiting to see how many people watched espn. they are beening lebron's -- they are burning lebron's t- shirt in cleveland. robin roberts has an interview. this week, american idol takes over central park. the top ten finalists from the season premiere. don't forget, go to the inner harbor this morning. big announcement from extreme
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